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Tattooed by Jesus

From her earliest memories in Bloomington, Illinois, fear tattooed Bonnie's soul. Threats from a drunk uncle and a hellish encounter in a cold bedroom left her searching for good. Mr. Sun and open spaces gave her glimpses of another world, a world of hope she could never quite touch.

Not finding the light she longed for, Bonnie filled her teenage years with anger, rebellion, and a vow to shake off her past. Booze didn't help. Drugs, either...but they gave her the highs she craved. Too bad she always came down. A marriage out of her league and a move to L.A. took Bonnie places she'd never imagined, but it was never enough. When Hollywood dreams fizzled, life back in Illinois and a search for God brought her to the brink of a black abyss. She would find truth...or die trying.

In this poignant story of how one soul found Jesus to be so much more than a cuss word, experience how a West Side Bloomington addict birthed the Jesus House, a place where life's tattoos become God's materials for transformation.

An Irishwoman's Tale
Author Patti Lacy
Published by Kregel Publications 2008
Two women, a impetuous Irishwoman and a gregarious Southerner, head back to the rocky cliffs of County Clare in a quest for healing.
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What the Bayou Saw
Author Patti Lacy
Published by Kregel Publications 2009
Sally Flowers, a middle-aged college instructor, grapples with sexual dysfunction, disturbing flashbacks, and past betrayals--including one of her own making--as she tries to help her student.
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The Rhythm of Secrets
Author Patti Lacy
Published by Kregel Publications 2010
Sheila Franklin loves a son she never knew and a husband who doesn’t know her. Then a young soldier comes knocking on her door and threatens to expose her deceptive ways. My Name is Sheba is my just-finished work in progress!
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Reclaiming Lily
Author Patti Lacy
Kai Wang, a Harvard-educated physician, battles an American pastor and his wife Gloria for custody of Lily, the sister wrenched from the Wang family during China’s Cultural Revolution.
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Jessie's Pearls
Author Patti Lacy/Sara Richardson
Published by Amazon 2014
A sharecropper's daughter claws at the constraints of poverty brought on by The Great Depression and World War II. Her secret? A jersey cow named Pearl and a aspirations higher than the Louisiana sky. Suddenly her possibilities seem limitless...but the tumultuous 60s cause her world to start crashing down.
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Tattooed by Jesus
Author Bonnie Kae Lentz, Patti Lacy, Angie Reedy
Published by Amazon 2015
West-side Bloomington wild child Bonnie Kae Lentz knew Jesus only as a cuss word until He pulled her out of substance abuse and witchcraft. The girl who longed to be the next Janis Joplin gave up the bright lights of L.A. and settled in with her husband on a stage in a street-front church in her home town.
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